About Me and L!AD

Dear Creative,

As a supportive and people-centered web designer, I have a mission to help openhearted creatives follow their dreams and do what they love for a living.

An openhearted creative is a kind soul who wears their heart on their sleeve and puts others first. They love to create things that make people smile and feel good, which makes them smile and feel good in return.

My goal is to help you (the openhearted creative) by giving you an online home – a website – for you to showcase and share your creations with others.

My second, just-as-important goal is to encourage and support you throughout your business journey. I believe that people do their best when they have others to cheer them on, and I want to be your cheerleader and friend for you to lean on.

So stick around, get inspired, and talk to me. I want to hear from you.

Your new friend, Mandy Sun

More About Me

You might be skeptical about getting a new friend without knowing anything about her first. And good call if you are. Stranger danger is a real thing, folks.

There’s a lot to know about one person but here are some of the basics of who I am.

  • 5 words to describe me: idealistic, positive, easygoing, introverted, and awkward
  • 4 letters to describe me: INFP (courtesy of Myers-Briggs)
  • 3 things I like to do: read all the things, learn new stuff, and chill
  • 2 loves of mine: trees and elephants
  • 1 goal: live with no regrets (cliché, but true!)

Some other less exciting facts about me is that I'm 23, I live in California, and I'm a recent college grad. I taught myself graphic and web design after graduating from business school and wrote a whole post on how you can learn web design on your own.

I’m also an openhearted creative who wears her heart on her sleeve and has her head in the clouds, much like you are. So I think we’ll get along great!

About Look! A Dandelion

I started my web design business, Look! A Dandelion, in 2015 and came up with the name in remembrance of when many of us, as children, would find dandelions and blow on them for fun. (It's still fun to do as adults, too!)

Dandelions also symbolize harmony, freedom, and perseverance, which are all values that I stand for. I believe that a childlike wonder and positive outlook of the world can lead to great change and new beginnings.

Everything I do at Look! A Dandelion is done out of a place of authenticity and compassion for others. If you're not looking to be your true self or are only trying to scratch your own itch, then Look! A Dandelion is not for you. But if you're all for authenticity and compassion, then let's be friends already!

The world needs more people like you and you have so much to offer to it. Truth!

Want to work with me?

Check out my web design services here and see what I can do for you.